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    I have seen slurs in pizzicato. What is the meaning of that. How to do slur while plucking the strings.

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    Dianne Adkins

    Hey Vyshakh! I think I know what you’re asking. It’s where the left hand plucks the string by pulling the notes (fingers) as they are played and the bow usually bounces on a down bow, plays notes alternating with bow hand pizzicato, or left hand plucking with bow hand also plucking. This is a virtuoso technique, often found in pieces by Niccolo Paganini. In the following example, starting at 2:36, you can see/ hear an example of pulling the fingerings, thus plucking the strings, alternating with bow hand pizzicato on some of the notes, from Paganini’s Caprice No. 24. Its a pretty impressive violin technique. I think this is a movie scene, but the violinist is really playing. He is playing the character of Paganini.

    If you have a piece of music you are trying to play that requires ‘arco’ and ‘pizzicato’ at the same time, maybe you can show it to me and I will try to work out exactly what it’s trying to tell you.


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    Thanks. I was actually trying to play violin 1 of this piece.

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    Dianne Adkins

    OK I do see the slurs in the pizzicato line now. Thanks for sharing this with me. Obviously, you can watch the girl on the left doing the pizzicato line and when the slurs appear in the pizzicato line, she simply continues pizzicato. That is a notation error. There shouldn’t be slurs in the music at all during a pizzicato line. Now when she has ARCO, she plays with the bow. Then, when it says PIZZ, she returns to plucking the string. Some of the ‘lines’ that look like slurs in the music, especially near the actual slurs, are slide indicators. But the notes really go by too fast to have an meaningful slides in pizzicato mode, so the performer ignores those too. Great piece! I hope this helps explain what you saw in the music!

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