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    Hi, I have a question about this slur marked in the image

    How can I slur these notes while changing the string but using the same finger? Should I try to put my 3rd finger on both strings at once or is there an other trick?

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    Elizabeth Davis

    If you notice, the second note has a staccato mark. This is more of a play, stop, continue motion than an actual slur.

    Play the D, then stop the bow, set bow and finger, then play the G.

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    Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your answer! That makes sense. Just one more detail, I do all that without changing the direction of the bow, is that right?

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    Michael Sanchez

    Hey Mariko. To answer your question, you keep the bow moving up bow for the staccato slur. To add more to Elizabeth’s response, ideally you should have your finger on top of both strings (like you would do for a double stop), but this is difficult for many beginners. What you can do instead in most instances that don’t have a staccato (Elizabeth is right that the pause helps in this instance) is to rock the finger over slightly to create proper contact with the adjacent 3rd finger. That is actually would I would naturally do in this passage, but it would be more proper to have it on both strings with good contact (like a double stop). Thanks for the post and questions!

    Thanks Elizabeth for helping with student questions!

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    Hi Michael, thank you very much for your clear explanation! I’ll practice to have my finger on both strings.

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