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    I would be interested in hearing from others who are singers and also play the violin. Do you sing while playing the violin? If so, what technique have you found for
    effectively playing the violin while at the same time singing. I have not tried it but like to sing and often am torn between singing or playing my instrument. I watched an old time movie awhile back and the woman played and sang. She held her violin lower.

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    Dianne Adkins

    I’m classically trained on the violin. I have had a couple students who did this on the side. I honestly never thought you could gain much facility, neither vocally nor on the violin, doing both at the same time. My guess is the old movie you watched the character was a poor, mountain woman. It seems a novel thing since it’s not done much I think. The most recent student of mine who did that was very creative, free spirited and got a good reaction from family and friends but she never really excelled on either instrument. I personally think it’s fine for just casual fun, but in classical training, it’s not ‘a thing’ and professors of each instrument would tell you to stop that, right now, lol.

    My daughter is a classically trained singer, who is pursuing a Master of Vocal Performance degree. She took lessons at a younger age and played the flute in high school. In the summers I took her to vocal workshops where she could work with professional singers. They told her to stop playing the flute because although her talent allowed her a ‘sky’ range, she sounded like a flute, they said, and she needed to bring depth into her tone and develop her lower register. So these are professional viewpoints. And from a stand point as a professional violinist, looking at my student sing and play, I understood it was a ‘pop art’ sort of thing that would effect emotional response from listeners who were untrained, who loved the sound of a violin and the sweetness of a young female voice, but this was not going to allow her to focus on the technique of each instrument. And she did eventually quit violin lessons, basically because she wanted to be self directed and do what her own inspirations led her to do. That’s what we do when we don’t have or want the wisdom of guidance.

    I personally don’t think we should do anything else while playing violin, and that includes dancing, and singing, unless it is just simply a tangent and a casual, fun, random thing to do, then return to the order of practice. So I think if you keep in mind that each instrument merits separate attention, you could put them together as a novelty, but to be excellent in either, you will probably have to choose one or the other.

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    It reminds me of the rock concerts I went to when I was in high school. I remember watching Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull dancing around the stage playing the violin. He reminded me of some sort of wood nymph. It was very entertaining, as he was a very good violin player.

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    Dianne, I love what you said, “That’s what we do when we don’t have or want the wisdom of guidance.” Guidance is a skill and an art that you seem to have perfected well, giving reasoned responses. We must make choices, even avoiding them is a choice and will have consequences.

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    I can rap and play the violin. It’s something that takes a lot of brain power, but once you can wrap your mind around it, it’s pretty easy. I do play classical music and I was classically trained, but on my own time, I play Twenty One Pilots songs and learn them by ear. That’s when I realized that I could probably sing and play. The first one I tried to sing with was Message Man. I play the background music on my violin, then sing the rap part of the song. One thing that is important for singing and playing is to make sure that you don’t play the same rhythm or pitch of which you’re playing. If you do that, then you could be singing one note, and playing the same note, but in a different octave or even in the same octave and it will sound weird. So make sure that you play something else than what you are singing. Sorry if that was confusing, I’m terrible at explaining things.

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    I was wondering if anyone else was thinking of this. Even though it’s true that a person needs to very much have things down when it comes to the violin and have certain other traits or something to do other things while playing, it’s definitely possible. That’s why I was so excited to see Lindsey Stirling because she answered my question about whether or not dancing while playing the violin were possible after I saw Miri Ben Ari. There must have been a ton of people thinking that she and her playing were very ‘unorthodox,’ but that’s simply not true; for it is just an instrumental after all. Even if some of us don’t see it that way.

    So if any of us want to try after we’ve really gotten all the things we can get about playing the violin, I’d say: go for it! 🙂

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