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    Sophia Chan

    I’m debating between whether I should use one or not. I’ve played both ways and sometimes I prefer playing without the shoulder rest but the instrument slips a lot more that way so I’m a bit torn.

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    you could just go with one of the sponge type rest if you are more comfortable with out a solid rest. Me I have to much neck and a delicate skin so I have to use a rest but want to buy a better one than the cheap on I have. something that give more hold on my shoulder as I also have a weak neck so griping with my chin seems to fail me a lot.

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    I personally like them, but I guess its really all about preference. My teacher taught me to play both ways but i prefer to use a rest only because the i can let my hand relax a bit by putting most of the pressure on my shoulder/chin.

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    karen l

    It’s painful for me to play without a shoulder rest! My collarbones dig into the body of my violin leaving marks on 🙁

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    It’s personal preference. Among the professional violinists there are those who do use shoulder rests and those who don’t. So, it’s not about what’s right or wrong, it’s about what feels better for you. 🙂

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    I’ve just begun playing and it took some time for me to really mould my shoulder rest. I’m more or less comfortable with it on. I have a short neck though so it seems like the rest can be at times too high (even at the lowest height), depending on the clothing I’m wearing (bulky sweater). Thinking my issue may be related to the chin rest too, but my instructor doesn’t seem to think I’m having much issue with the set-up. I may change up the chin rest once I get more time in.

    So, yeah.. personal preference for most people. I went through three different shoulder rests before I settled on the one I have (Wolf Secondo). May still change later on.

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    I prefer to use a shoulder rest. I have never been able to play without one. Hurt my shoulder and neck to much.

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    Sarah Juarez

    I also like playing with a shoulder rest! I’d like to buy a new one though….

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    Three Chord Monte

    I’m considering a Bonmusica 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest. Anyone tried one of these?

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    I have always used a sponge rest. Seems to be most fitting for me

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