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    I’m considering getting a Bon Musica should rest. It has an extra curve and is supposed to help lock the violin in place on the shoulder and relieve some issues with arthritis. However, if I do this, it will cause the chin rest to dig into my chin, so my teacher recommends a Wittmer chin rest as it does not have the sharp edge that a standard violin comes with. But also, this will force my chin to be forward, over the tail piece so I’m not sure how that will work. My goal is consistency in placement and the best tone I can get when I play. But I’m not sure how this will work. The recommendation comes from a classically trained teacher on my first lesson. I’ve been playing for 6 years, self-taught. I’m not sure what I think about it. Does anybody have experience with the Bon Musica should rest or the Wittmer chin rest?

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    I have just recieved a Bon Musica shoulder rest I had to do alot of adjusting for it to fit my shape. as I am a bit strange over the shoulders had to cut the front bolt shorter so it would not poke into my chest. but it does improve the steadiness of the violin for me. I thought I might have to change my chinrest but after a few days it all seems to fit me well. I had to take the strap that goes over the shoulder to its farthest whole and shift it a bit so that I was not raising the violin up but still getting the grip I wanted. I might still try other chin rest if I can afford to buy them or find them to test. but for now its working for me. better than the normal type shoulder rests anyway .

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    I have tried a bunch of different shoulder rests and am still looking for the right one for me.

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