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    Michael Sanchez

    Hi everyone,

    Shifting in high positions takes very precise technique.

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    Hello, Michael! I have a question about the thumb position. I am learning to shift to 5th position, my thumb is under the fingerboard when I am on G, D, and A string. Would I need to put my thumb under the fingerboard when I am playing the E string? Or should I say is my hand posture correct if my thumb is not underneath it? Thanks in advance for answering!

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    Really helpful!

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    Brooksley Mihoch

    Moving the elbow when in a higher position makes so much sense. I really have to watch my finger angles because I do tend to move them.

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    Christie Morehouse

    Ok, I’ll try it.

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    Lionel Tan

    Hey there yinmui! Ok personally GDA would be good if you can keep your thumb under the fingerboard. But for E string, well i have relatively small fingers so my thumb will come out under the fingerboard and instead lie right next to it,literally touching the fingerboard to give myself a greater extension. It might be abit uncomfortable but after awhile you get used to it! Hope this helps!:)

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