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    I am preparing to take exams and that involves a lot of the technique and short pieces, but sometimes those pieces are a little uninspiring. I’ve bought a few books with famous pieces, but it turns out that either the level is too high, or the transcription was for another instrument and doesn’t play well on the violin.

    Has anyone had experience with good sheet music for beginners (around about 1 year experience)? I want to play popular pieces from movies and musicals, as well as some classical pieces. Any leads will be greatly appreciated!

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    Dianne Adkins

    Hello! We have another thread that everyone who can contribute a link to free, downloadable sheet music has done so.

    I hope this thread will be a good resource for you! Click here to see our thread about free downloadable sheet music.

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    Thanks Dianne! I am so glad that that thread exists! 🙂

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    Where can I find some cover songs for beginners music sheets? I also really need to work on reading music… I am next to clueless as I have no music back round

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