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    Christie Morehouse

    I changed the offending string. Still sounds defective. My A & D strings rest on the E & G strings in the peg box: is this a problem?

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    It could be your bow. Most people just don’t realize how much the bow effects the quality of sound produced. A low grade bow coupled with cheap rosin can make a great violin sound bad (and sometime scratchy). Have a professional check out your bow, the hair can be cleaned or re-haired, if the bow is worth it.

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    My bowing sounds scratchy on and off with the Pierre Martin bow I bought from Michael and not so bad with the Hill bow, but still some. Then I can’t keep my Damiano in tune. The G string will not stay in tune. Very frustrating.

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    Ok, it’s not my bows, it’s the violin. I can’t keep the G string in G for but a minute. I’m using the Pierre Martin bow from Michael and my H.G.Hill bow. Hmmmmm.

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