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    This was a few months ago. ;). Thanks Toni

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    Michael Sanchez

    Thanks for posting! You are doing a great job creating a good sound in many areas! I wasn’t able to see your left-hand clearly, but I could tell your intonation was good in most spots. What I would suggest to work on (and I give a lot of students this tip) is for you to use more index finger in the stroke. Right now what you are doing is using your upper arm and forearm to guide the stroke, which causes bow bounces in some areas and unnecessary accents. Here are the top 3 drills I would work on which should explain everything about the index finger as the motor of your bow stroke.

    Motion of the Index Finger
    The Index Drill
    The Wall Index Drill

    Once you start understanding more about how to use the index, you will be able to move the bow faster, and not feel like you are working so hard! Overall great job–thanks again for posting a video!

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    Your phrasing was unhurried & song-like, as if you were singing from the inside.
    Well done !

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    I like your sound and you’re really into the piece! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    Very nice sound, one of my favorites.

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    John Henry Adams

    Great job. I didn’t I hear one mistake. Cool song. One of my favorite.

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    William Bickerstaff

    It is good that you are not afraid of using the whole bow.

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    Celia Levy

    Good job! I love this song.

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    Danny Block

    Really nice long tones, and use of the whole bow. That “bounce” in the down bows that you get occasionally can be helped by loosening up yor wrist and leaning on your index finger a little bit. Like letting the weight of your index finger be supported by your bow.

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    Good job! Occasionally, your bow whistled a little, which means you were either using too much bow or not enough pressure. As you practice, you can listen for that and adjust your bow arm. 🙂

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