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    I would like to know how You all take off the excess rosin on the strings? I have been just scratching it off with my fingernail and wiping them down, but is alcohol okay?

    Also, if it builds up in a couple of hours in playing, am I using too much rosin on the bow?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Christie Morehouse

    I use Petz Rosin Remover, which does not harm the violin finish. Lately, have been using a microfiber scrubbie cloth.

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    Michael Sanchez

    You won’t harm violin strings with alcohol but you can harm the violin varnish. Make sure you if you use alcohol that you only focus on the strings and not the instrument itself. If you can get your hands on the rosin remover that Christy suggested above, that would satisfy both the strings and the instrument.

    Regarding your question about too much rosin. There shouldn’t be significant buildup over just one or even two practice sessions. It sounds like you have too much rosin on your bow! Take your finger and swipe the back part of the bow hair. If you see a huge powder cloud that tells you need to take some more off as you had too much on.

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    Mackenzie Alldrin

    I have a designated rag that I use for rubbing rosin off my strings. I use it every few days because my instrument starts to sound dead if I don’t take the buildup off. While I’m at it, I wipe down my fingerboard too.

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    I too, use a rough cloth to clean rosin off my strings, I also discovered that using a bit of cork works really well too. I just use a cork from a wine bottle and cut it in half. If I can’t get all the rosin off with my cloth then I go over it with the cork, then the cloth again. Works a treat!

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    I also tend to have a lot of rosin build up after one session, but it doesn’t seem like I’m using that much. I also use way less than what my violin teacher suggests. With getting it off, before a concert I got some steel wool to clean my strings off after my orchestra teacher brought his out for someone in my class. Otherwise I use a rag that was given to me from House of Note.

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    I typically never have problems so long as I just wipe it down after every time I play before it has the chance to really harden up.

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    Lydia Tran

    After a practice, I like to wipe down my violin with a microfiber cloth. If rosin builds up over time, I’ll get a smaller cloth and wet it a little with rubbing alcohol, being careful to only clean the strings and not the violin itself, so that I don’t damage the varnish

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    Rosin also gets on the stick of the bow. While I wipe off my violin after every practice session, I don’t usually wipe off the bow. Should I?

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    Ariel Polycarpo

    Always clean up rosin excess before each practice session! Not only strings, but fingerboard and violin body. Some rosin brands produce more dust than others…

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