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    Hey guys! I was wondering how often do you apply rosin to your bow? Every time you play or what? Thanks in advance!

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    Michael Sanchez

    Hey Bethany. You should rosin your bow about once every 2-4 practice sessions. The number will depend on how hard you press into the strings, and how much rosin you put on the bow the last time. Here is a good video for being able to tell if there is enough rosin on the bow.

    Good video about bow rosin

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    Elizabeth Davis

    I usually rosin up as part of getting ready to play or practice every time. Just a few quick strokes up and down the length of the bow. And most importantly, wipe rosin OFF the strings/belly before packing up at the end!

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    I rosin about every ten days, with about two hours of playing a day. I don’t want to over rosin, been there done that, and it didn’t sound good. Now, if it’s not absolutely necessary, I don’t rosin until all the rosin on my bow are gone.

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    Michael Sanchez

    Hey Yinmui, thanks for your post! I would recommend rosining your bow more often as having very little rosin can limit ability to grab the strings efficiently. I think your problem might be putting too much rosin on your bow when you apply it. I recommend a light coat every 2-4 practice sessions, which can be tested by taking the back of your finger and swiping the bottom part of the hair. If your finger is totally white, then you have too much rosin. If you don’t have barely anything on your finger, then you need more rosin. Somewhere in between is ideal!

    Check out this video which shows the process of testing out your bow for rosin.

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    Mackenzie Alldrin

    I have to rosin every 2-3 hours of playing. I’m a cellist (so heavier strings) and I accompany fiddlers a lot, which tends to have me playing very loud and heavily on the lower half of my bow. I typically have to put way more rosin on the lower half than the upper.

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    I just watched the video Michael recommended….it seems there is always more and more specialized information out there regarding the violin. I will definitely never get bored!!

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    The video link is taking me to the add for the paid violin tutor pro site, not to the video.

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    I put rosin on my bow whenever I practice which I do almost every day.

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    Do you use a black rosin or the lighter colored kind? Is one better for summer?

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