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    My last violin case I’d had for over 15 years and it finally started falling apart – zippers broke, latches wouldn’t latch, and the cloth covering started ripping and tearing. So, I went out and got a new case. But what to do with the old case, since I hate to throw anything away if I can reuse it in someway. My cat, Egypt, solved my problem by adopting it as her cat bed. It was a natural progression since she often would climb in there when I would practice. Now, we leave it out under a living room table and she just hangs out there to sleep/nap.

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    Sounds like your cat enjoys your music.

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    If you have a worn out case and still put your violin in it, is that bad for the violin?

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    I have a hard case and it has served me well.

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    Children seem to be SO hard on cases!!!

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