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    Emi Smith

    Hello, all! I’m finally picking up my violin again after about 7 years. I’m nervous, because m main motivation for starting back up again is that my church worship band is putting together some TSO performances, and they need me.
    I borrowed some beginner books to refresh my memory, and hopefully kick me back in to gear. What do/did you do to get yourself going again?

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    William Bickerstaff

    I started re-learning a few months ago after a 41 year hiatus and my program goes something like this:

    First step: Buy violin (a cheap one)… and later on purchased a good one (Damiano)
    2nd step: Downloaded some etude books and tried them out
    3rd step: when I could somewhat play the etudes I started jamming with some friends
    4th step: Came to websites like this one and started learning properly
    5th step: Hired a private teacher
    And during this whole process…. practice, practice, practice and have not given up.

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    Celia Levy

    Nice job at re-learning how to play the violin. Keep at it! I can’t really say much since I’ve been playing since I was 5 years old.

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    Chris Guleff

    For me, the hardest part of re-learning was listening to myself playing. Where once I played well with ease, My playing sounded awful — even Jack Benny sounded better! This to me was a psychological or emotional challenge — a blow to my ego and a challenge to my self-confidence.

    The second obstacle was dealing with the effects or arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome which have accumulated over the years. (I am 68 years young.) My reach and mobility had deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t reach the C string on my full-size viola and even had some difficulty with the G string on the violin. I gave my beautiful full-size viola to the schools so that a disadvantaged student would get a chance to learn and then bought a Cecilio 14-inch viola to allow me to get back to playing a little less painfully. I’ve also worked with yoga and other alternative forms of healing and consulted with holistic healer friends for advice.

    As a greater incentive to play I set my music stand up in my office-work area with viola books from beginner to intermediate-advanced and placed the viola right next to it. This forms a daily reminder of my goal to become a good violinist & violist once more, and guess what? No more excuses.

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    Wendy Moore

    I decided to pick up my Viola again after 25yrs and my biggest problem is practice , I can’t seem to discipline myself to practice . With daily Migranes being my main enemy I refuse to let my disability get the best of me . I’ve read that playing / learning to read music can help with cognitive health.

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    Wendy Moore

    I also would love to learn to play violin , that’s why I joined violin tutor pro .

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    I have found that traditional violin instruction books trigger old painful memories. Went to a violin store and found some alternative books that looked fun and am hoping to have a violin to practice on soon.

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