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    I struggle with this, I have a piece of music for violin, It has no slurs, no up or down arrows for bowing. I still struggle with not knowing where to put the slurs, or, if I should bow up or down in this measure or that one. I’ve been playing violin for a year now this month and I’ve watched a lot of videos and concerts of professional violinist play. They all bow exactly the same. ( It looks great.) Right now, If I were sitting there next to other violinist playing my violin in a concert, my bowing would be all over the place. I’d be hitting someone in the eye with my bow! If you miss one slur your bowing is off with the rest of the group. There must be something in the music that is telling the violinist to slur here, or bow up, or bow down there. I try playing along with other violinist on youtube, I am starting to keep up as far as playing in tune but I’ll be bowing up when there bowing down. etc. Hopefully I’m making sense.

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    Michael Sanchez

    Hey David, to be able to following bowings, you have to understand bow markings in music. There are two main ones:

    Up Bow – This is a symbol that looks like this (V). This signifies that you should be moving the bow in an upwards fashion from the top of the bow (tip), to the frog (where you hold the bow). This direction is common before the start of a measure, and is considered one of the main “road” signs.

    Down Bow – This is a table looking symbol that signifies movement in the opposite direction from going “Up-bow.” So you would be moving the bow from where you hold it (frog), towards the end of the bow (tip).

    So in music, you have these two marks to keep your bowing in line. Once you get used to it, it’s like reading a book and pausing when you see a period. It keeps the direction of the bow in order and there are many patterns that you get used to. If you make one mistake, you can easily see another “road” sign that can get you back on track.

    What you are trying to do is technically unnecessarily. What you need to do is find the music that the person who is playing the song is using if you want to bow exactly the way they are doing it. The thing is though there are many ways to bow a piece so it really is just about having the orchestra in sync, and not so much that there is one universal way to play a piece regarding bowings. Hope that makes sense!

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