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    I’m a fan of Lindsey Stirling’s violin music because of her contemporary upbeat music mix.

    Who are you a fan of and why? Post a link too, thank you!

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    murakami sandy

    im a fan of lindsey stirling too?. i also like jun sung ahn, daniel jang, for the classical, i like brahms but not all of them, i also love sorry its not on the violin but still on string, on the erhu yung an, and on the cello apocalyptica.

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    Listening to jun sung ah now. Nice.

    Have you heard Zoe Keating on Cello?

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    Dianne Adkins

    I’m a big fan of Rachel Barton Pine
    Pure talent. No looping, no dubbed tracks, no dance steps.
    Rachel Barton Pine playing Crazy Train

    I also really like Hilary Hahn
    She plays my favorites, the Bach Partitas with such exquisite purity and precision.
    Hilary Hahn plays Bach Sarabande

    My hero is Itzhak Perlman. Through adversity a great light.
    Itzhak Perlman plays Theme from Shindlers List LIVE

    Mark & Maggie O’Conner are pretty amazing too, if you like fiddling.
    OConners play Jerusalems Ridge

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    Absolutely beautiful, especially, liked Hilary Hahn, and then I realized I missed Itzhak Perlman, very moving.

    I saw Schindler’s List on opening night, went with a cousin and her friends. Going in I didn’t know what the film was about.
    I had been in the mood for something light. I could barely walk, carrying the weight of what I had just taken in.

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