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    Can somebody suggest exercises particularly to improve the timings and follow metronome rhythm. If anyone has got their personal favourites, feel free to share here. Thanks.

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    Yes, I would like to hear about that also.

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    I am no expert, but I watched the movie “The Red Violin” and the great teacher had the young prodigy start by playing really slow and each day he increased the metronome speed until that kid was playing incredibly fast! But movie stories aside, I think a good way to use it is to start slow enough that you are playing with good intonation and minimal body stress, and once you are good at one speed, increase the metronome speed until you can play the tune at the speed you want. This is good to do with etudes, scales, and songs (especially those with tricky rhythm) I would think.

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    My advice here is for you to play in different rythms always with the metronome and subdivide too

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    If you have issues with rhythm or tempo here is what I would do. Get out the metronome, put it on a very slow speed, and just clap it. Try accenting the downbeats. If you want t take the clapping to the next level you can try clapping the metronome beat with one hand (or tapping with your foot), and clapping the rhythm with the other. Sometimes even I find getting the coordination for this challenging, so don’t worry if you can’t get it.
    Then, with the metronome try just the rhythm on the violin, but without your left hand. While it may be intuitive for your left hand to lead, it should actually be your right hand that’s in charge. Remember to try to add a little accent on the downbeats, this helps to ground the tempo.
    Finally add the left hand. Practice only a bar or two at a time. When you feel that you are confident playing it slowly, gradually increase the metronome speed a few ticks at a time. Then try without the metronome.

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