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    Tom Monica

    How much time is recommended for practice? On guitar I’ve been told everything from at least fifteen minutes per session to hours. Is there really a set minmum recommended to grasp and become proficient at wht you’re trying to learn to play?

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    What’s most important is that you practice at least a little each day, because you learn better that way rather than really long practices every once in a while. Beginners tend to practice for shorter amounts of time (15 min to an hour) because they have shorter attention spans and physical endurance. Violin is hard work for the smaller muscles! For myself, I practice between 2-3 hours a day.

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    I practice just about every day. And you can go anywhere from ten minutes to hours for practice. Just five minutes of practice over a difficult section will help.

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    Im a home body, so I plan to get practice in every day since I have little else to do. But Ive seen recommended times from 15 mins to hours also, it depends on the quality of practice. Not quantity.

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