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    So, when my boyfriend was teaching me how to “jam” with him while he played guitar, he encouraged me to turn the tv on and try to play or harmonize with the music on commercials. That’s how he learned how to jam with new band members. I’m still learning, so most of the time I can play a melody and jingles are pretty short and easy. I like car commercials because a lot of them use rock songs that are familiar to me.

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    that is great and hard to do

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    William Bickerstaff

    I do something similar. I go to Pandora Radio and jam with the “blues” channel.

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    Christie Morehouse

    I try to accompany my iPod music. I have my iPod pluggged into a boom box. This way I can keep practicing songs over & over

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    These are fun ideas! I’m too structured to be comfortable with improvisation, but this would be a good way to try in a private setting.

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    With violin I find I am very structured too and don’t like to improvise. Since I play classical music, that isn’t a problem because we rarely ever improvise. However, I also sing contemporary a capella and I find trying to spontaneously sing harmonies to pop music is just as effective for developing the ear for violin.

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