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    Nan Volinsky

    To play Peruvian mountain music with classical technique or not? That is the question haunting me for years. Native Peruvian fiddlers play with a unique playing technique that differs in many ways from the standard school of classical violin technique. I get fairly good results using the latter, but I’ve always wondered whether I would play more “natively” by using the native technique. Shall I become bilingual in both techniques?
    The classical technique is good to keep for when I play Andean contemporary folk music which often calls for long bow draws and vibrato.
    Who else is bilingual in violin technique?

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    I’m not bilingual in violin technique, but I have lived for a while in Peru and listened to a lot of the indigenous music, with quena, sampoña, charango, flauta, etc. I think the andean rhythm and pentatonic scales would influence the approach to the violin in this context.

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    murakami sandy

    i gess each country has his own way to play, i’d like to try them all

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