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    Mona T

    I’d like to practice regularly. Kids, work, life in general has taken over. My focus unfortunately is not with my violin, but maybe this is a start. I can read music, but this I play by ear.

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    Mona T

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    Danny Block

    Nice sound!

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    Ariel Polycarpo

    Wonderful, Mona! What a touching performance. Very nice sound quality! Congrats!!

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    I love Leonard Cohen – especially this song. Really nice job playing it!

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    Suni Norman

    Awesome job playing by ear! Your intonation is near perfect and I can really tell that you have something to say with this piece. I love your emotion. I think the next step you can take in your playing is more dynamics. Sometimes exaggerating the dynamics creates an amazing effect. If you’d like, I would love to help you with your playing. you can find me here:

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    Hey Mona, I also thought you had some very good emotion to your playing. One tip I would suggest is for you is to bend your wrist more are you are coming up bow. I’m sure Suni could help you with that!

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    Wonderful tone! One of my favorite songs. For someone who has work, kids, and other responsibilities, I can completely understand not having time to practice. But from what I can hear, you owe it to yourself to carve out time for this.

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    Mona T

    Thank you. It is nice and encouraging to hear the feedback. Suni, I would love lessons. I’m pretty overwhelmed with a lot of things going on right now. If I can get my focus where it needs to be, I will certainly contact you for more details. For now, I am seeing if I can stick to the practice routine challenge. Michael, thanks for your input. I am adding the quarter drill to my routine.

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    I love the sound! This was my favorite piece to learn in middle school.

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