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    Mark Woodyatt

    Paganini started on the Mandolin before he picked up the violin, I’ve learned.
    I believe it’s a great practice aid and you should definitely try one out if you play violin, because it’s tuned the same. The picking is the biggest difference, although the frets and way you hold it make it different as well. I hope you enjoy this video of me picking along to an Andrew York recording. I’m no “Paganini” but I hope you still enjoy this!

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    Chris Guleff

    Well, Mark, you play well on the mandolin as well as the violin. Did I notice a hint of vibrato transferred from violin playing? I once had a mandolin. Fingerings were easy, but the plucking, especially with a plectrum didn’t resonate well with me.

    Enoyed your playing . . . Bravo!

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    What a pretty song you played on the mandolin, you’re a natural talent! It looks like you’re also left handed. Do you play a left-handed violin as well?

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    William Bickerstaff

    I played mandolin at one time.

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    One day, a time machine…. For Paganini playing anything at all. Very sweet recording.

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    Danny Block

    Sometimes you can play them together. …please ignore my singing voice, and my mandolin is out of tune. But it’s worth a listen and kind of agrees with Mark’ s point

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    Erin Garlock

    Since the strings and fingerings are the same on the mandolin and the violin (and irish tenor banjo) it makes sense. My mandolin playing is getting better along side my violin playing – though I only practice the mandolin about 1/10 the time for violin. The spacing is wider, more like a viola (my next instrument), but you really need better finger strength in the pinky.

    I have a flat back Rover student mandolin, and this past summer my dad gave me my great grandfather’s bowl-backed mandolin (I didn’t even know we had any musicians in the family). Unfortunately, the instrument has been poorly cared for and needs a lot of repairs, there is a luthier near by, so maybe he can help salvage it. It’s not very expensive instrument to start with,

    great grandfather's mandolin

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    I was looking to get a flute but now I think I will get a mandoling and start learning. Thank you for your post. You play very good.

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    Danny Block

    Another violin mandolin combo

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    Nice job, it’s pretty cool how the violin and mandolin are tuned the same, let’s a lot transfer over, whenever I go to Guitar center I’ll pick up a mandolin, and even though I never learned to play it I can still play songs decently well.

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