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    Hi everyone. I’m 59 and had my first violin lesson yesterday. What can I say? It’s a “bucket list” thing! All I can say is that it’s ugly. Painfully ugly. For my practice today I closeted myself in the master bath with the door closed and closed the door to the bedroom as well:). Suitably insulated, I screeched out Twinkle Var A (Mississippi Hot Dog ring a bell?) for an hour. 30 min of that was tuning, an exhaustive process, All I can say is that is sounded ever so slightly better than yesterday. Hey, I’m optimistic!

    Anyway, the humorous thing as it relates to us older ones: I wear bifocals, and it is very difficult to view the keyboard with them! I tried a pair of cheaters from years ago, but still a bit disoriented. Anyone else have this problem? I’m hoping my eyes will adjust. There is a silver lining I guess. I have to rely more on touch for the right note than sound.

    I’d love to hear about your own humorous personal experiences learning the violin as an adult 🙂

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    I hear you. I always wanted to pick up the violin but finally decided to do it a few months back at the age of 37. 🙂 My teacher started me out on a diet of Mississippi Hot Dog as well. Are you using fine tuners?

    A humorous story from my first lesson after the two week Christmas break. I arrived and said hello to my teacher and had the following conversation:
    teacher: Did you get any time to practice over the break?
    Me: Of course. I practiced nearly every day.
    teacher: Hah. My child and adult students were almost opposites. The children took a vacation from every thing including music lessons. The adults were all like ‘Yes! I have time to practice!’.

    Enjoy yourself. It’s a lot of fun. 🙂

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    Claudio Freire

    Hi Cynthia, I am 44 years old and I started playing a violin two weeks ago. I am going thru the first 10 lessons from the site. My whole body hurts, specially my back and right hand, but I am very excited that ‘Jingle Bells’ sounds a little better now.
    The only thing funny so far is the face that my six-year-old boy makes when he hears me playing ?

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    Hi Cynthia

    Good luck with your new venture. I have been playing for almost 4 years as an adult. I can honestly say it is one of the best life experiences for me. Music and my violin have become my faithful companions on a daily basis. Sometimes the relationship get rocky and it seems that my violin doesn’t want to comply to my tireless efforts but for the most part it has been a joy, a pleasure. I get very excited opening my case…my neighbours… not so much. The greatest challenge for me is to not cause a disturbance in my apartment block….especially when learning a new piece.

    I wish you all the success and joy and that you will be able to make all the music your heart desires.

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    Jeph Embree

    I deliberately got an electric violin for my starter because they are sometimes called “silent” violins. This is not the case. So i go to the farthest part of the house to do my screeching.

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    At 59 I was looking for a new challenge and saw a sign in front of a house on the way to work that advertised violin lessons. Coming from a music background (guitar), but having trouble with arthritis and hand strength, it jumped right out at me and once I found out how technically challenging it is to play the violin, I was hooked. I don’t know if I will ever be any good, but I sure am going to try!

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    Hi, I started recently. Aged 47! Did some violin practices at the age of 10, but think my dad found it too painful, so it did not last. I just think that a violin brings to music something that is ethereal, mystic and beautiful… Hopefully, with loads of practice I can play silent night at Christmas time this year. That’s the goal at least.

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    Carolyn Rutter

    Cynthia, your post really made me laugh! The master bathroom is also my practice room (with the bedroom door shut). I have been playing for three years now. My husband gave me a violin for our 30th anniversary. Sometimes, I wonder how he can stand hearing me….it is hard for ME to hear me! I can play much more complicated music now, but I still sound like Jack Benny most of the time. I practice every day and am waiting for the magic to happen. Truth is, I love it so much, that I am willing to keep on keepin’ on. I wish you the best of luck with your music!

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    Kia Ora, Cyntia Three years, wow, you must be pretty good by now. I am the first to admit that my playing sounds a bit like a cat that is being tortured. These days it’s my poor kids that are suffering. Thinking about it, it does explain why they are out so often. LOL.

    Well, we can only but keep on practicing.

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    Chris Guleff

    Well, I’m a senior citizen — 68 years old — and am coming back to playing violin and viola. I have arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, and playing either of my instruments hurts, but I’m determined. I’ve been assured that with proper exercising and therapy I can regain my range of motion, AND I remember that when I first started learning strings it hurt then, too! Just the look, feel and smell of my instruments gives me pleasure.

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