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    Hi everybody, here I’m playing an other fiddle tune. It’s fast! At least for me it’s the fastest I have played so far 🙂 hope you like it!


    William Bickerstaff
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    Ol’ Joe Clark
    He had a house
    Twas 15 stories high
    And every story in that house
    Was filled with chicken pie…

    I like that ol’ tune..

    Very nicely done. And it sure is fun playing with the accompaniment track.

    You had a bit of a problem on the intonation of your second finger at times usually with string crossings. Go from all your fingers to your 2nd finger with string crossings and you will build muscle memory. Better yet… do all combinations of string crossings with all the combinations of fingers.


    vyshakh subrahmanian
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    Nice one. Very much improvement. Keep improving and keep practicing, especially scales/etudes.


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    Cute fun piece! I agree with William’s comments. Keep up the good work!


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    Thanks so much for your comments! Thanks Will for your tip. I’ll practice my 2nd finger with string crossings. It’s really good you told me. I did know it but it seems I always ignore it or at least don’t pay too much attention to it… But now I’m going to do that 🙂


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    I like the tune. Have heard it many times but have not learned it. Very nice with the piano track. Nice work. Nice to listen to 🙂


    “Papa” Robert Hill
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    Nice and bouncy! You were right in there with the piano and your intonation was really good.


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    Good work Mariko!


    Joanna Johnson
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    Very nice job, Mariko! You are making a lot of improvement! With your second finger in this piece, aim for it to be right next to the first finger on the E string. Then on the A string make sure your 2nd finger is high. It is a tricky piece because your 2 has to jump between low and high, so make sure you are really clear about which string it needs to be low and which string it needs to be high. It That will help with that intonation problem. One more comment I have is that I think you will have a little more control over your bow if you rest your pointer finger a little closer to the tip of the finger. In between your first and second knuckle should give you a little more solid grip. It looks like the bow was resting more around your 2nd and 4th knuckles. Hopefully that makes sense. You can always find me on the community page or here if you need more help. 🙂


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    Thanks everybody for the kind comments! 🙂 Thanks Joanna for your tips!! I really do have a problem with my second finger. So, I will be focusing on that from now on.


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    Very nice! I have seen a couple of your other videos and each one is better. You also are showing more confidence in your playing! Try to smile a little more as you play!


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    Great job! I love that song, its one of my favourites


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    Thanks forestofmusic! Thanks DeaconBlue! You’re right about me having to smile more. 🙂 Before each recording I tell myself to smile but then as soon as I start to play, the smile disappears. It’s not that I don’t like the song, it’s just because I have to concentrate so much to play it correctly. But I’m sure one of the next videos will be with a smile. And I noticed that it actually helps to play better. Whenever I do manage to smile while playing, I am more relaxed and that of course helps to have a more beautiful tone. So, thanks for reminding me of that! 🙂

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