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    Michael Sanchez

    Hey guys, I just got done posting a few classes from what we did in the 1-2 year experience violin class, and 2-4 year experience class. This is a new concept and I’m wondering what your thoughts are on it. I’m screen sharing the whole time, and trying to guide you guys through a piece.

    1-2 Year Experience Class
    2-4 Year Experience Class

    I’ve gotten a little bit of feedback about this and because of it, I’m going to try this same format with this plan.

    Scales in the first 5 minutes
    Etudes in the next 10 minutes
    Fun Piece in the last 10 minutes

    So this format would be as similar as to a private lesson as I can get. I hope it is a helpful way to learn, but I need your feedback!

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    Excellent, Michael! I watched them both and learned a great deal! The screen sharing is very helpful but it might be even more helpful if you could insert a small screen of you playing to further facilitate learning? Is that a possibility? Just a thought…
    Thanks again for more great instruction…

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    Sounds great! just doing scales for a whole class might get a bit boring. Breaking it up like this would work much better.

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    I really like the scales idea. However, I have asked questions a few times and they went unanswered. It is not favorable to continue a topic without feedback if one has questions.

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    I like the format plan. This will get us into a good disciplined way of practicing which should accomplish more than just “playing” something. I like the screen shots with your notations so that we can look at them again during our own practice sessions and not have to try to remember what you said or showed.

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    Absolutely! It would great to learn how to get the most out of my practice sessions.

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    I like the idea. It is the way I practice, so I think it is good to do classes that way. It is also a way to encourage students to set up their practice sessions.

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    I like the idea as well. I want to get into a good practice habit and inserting scales étude and a piece sounds great to me

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    Excellent, but I also need the time to learn what you are teaching, and you engage your students a lot, which is awesome, but I still have to save emails, links, lessons, etc to get to them as I have the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything you are doing, it makes a huge difference with learning, and is appreciated very much.

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    I would find this extremely helpful!

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