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    how do u know when u need new strings?

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    Michael Sanchez

    Hey Jodi, this question has been answered in another forum. How do you know when you should change your strings?

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    Ana Flores

    When the strings start to show signs of wear like the actual thread starts to show on the string

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    Great to know! Thanks.

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    good to know

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    Samuel Araujo

    I like to change my strings once every 3 months. Sometimes I have to change the E string more often because it tends not to last as long as the others. It also depends on what I am doing.. if I have a recital or an audition, I like to have strings that are no older than 2 weeks for the big day.
    A good way to know that you need new strings is paying attention to the intonation.. Old strings tend not to stay perfectly in tune.

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    Interesting. I have been using my strings for 6 months now and I don’t notice any wear. They actually sound better than in the beginning 😉 But that’s probably to do with other things. Anyways, I hope I can these strings a couple months more.

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    I hadn’t changed my E string in a couple of months, and it snapped in my face while I was practicing! I’m now afraid that will happen during a performance, but newly changed strings go out of tune so easily :/

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    Hannah Chang

    I normally forget to change my strings for a long time…. can it have any bad long term effects on my violin?

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    I sometimes wait until the threads start coming undone on the strings. I know I should be changing them BEFORE they get that bad, but I’m part thrifty and part lazy…

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