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    I just ordered a rental vitale to see if I want to switch to viola. My teacher uses Essential Elements, so I am getting that book. Can anyone give me suggestions on books or other things to help me learn the alto clef? Thanks.

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    Scott Adams

    Hi Kate!

    I’m not sure if we’ve come across each yet on the Facebook groups, but I wanted to introduce myself. I’m the resident violist here at Violin Tutor Pro, so your post here caught my attention! I’ve actually played on a Vitale viola, and one of my students currently owns one as well. It’s such a great instrument – especially for the price range Michael has it listed!

    As for where to get started on viola – many of the good violin studies you’ve worked with also have a viola transcription. Essential Elements is also great to get you reading alto clef. If you’ve been playing violin for any amount of time, all of those physical skills will translate over perfectly. Usually, it’s the change of clef that throws folks off at first. Focus on that, as well as the change of string placement, and I think you’ll find yourself in a pretty good place. How long have you been playing violin at this point? That may help me suggest a few other avenues. 🙂

    Either way, here’s a great edition of the Sevcik studies edited by the great violist, Lionel Tertis.
    Sevcik Viola

    Here’s another one that’s actually in the public domain for free download:
    Hofmann – First Studies for Viola

    Best Wishes,
    Scott – VTP Instructor

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    I have tried to learn for a couple of years, but was sick, so didn’t do much. I have been forced to switch to left-handed recently, due to missing a finger on the left hand and having pain bowing with my right hand. I decided this was the perfect time to try, since I haven’t gotten far on the left-handed thing yet. I will be flipping the viola over and playing it left-handed. No need for a special left-handed one. I’m not planning on playing in public anyway. Panic attacks prohibit that.
    Thanks for answering
    Are you going to be doing viola lessons?

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