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    Hi, I’m new. For an entry to the contest I need to introduce myself but I’m actually really looking for some help with something. I was wondering if anybody knows, and possibly has a link to some pictures or a video, for some hand stretches. My bedroom where I practice isn’t the warmest and my hands like to cramp up for at least an hour after and while playing.

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    Hi Alexandra! Welcome to the community here. 🙂 I just searched in Youtube with this search term “violin hand stretches” It shows many videos with good stretches. i can’t link you to one specific video because what helps you may be different from what helps other people. But I would suggest to watch some of those videos, try the stretches and go with the one that feels most comfortable for you.
    Good luck!!

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    William Bickerstaff

    I like to shake my arms and relax them before I start playing and during my practice sessions when I feel them starting to tense up. I, too, had problems with cramping, especially in my left hand/arm and shaking them out seemed to help.

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