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    67 year old semi-retired RN with 3rd grade elementary school violin only…. A long long time ago. Living in project with grandmother who was bothered by the squeaky sounds, I did not practice nearly enough to learn to even like the rented instrument. My main interest in life has been painting so music plays, always, in my art room while I paint. My son plays guitar beautifully and I got a spark to make music instead of just listening from him. Figuring I was too old to learn, I have been working through basics on classical guitar online.
    My son purchased an electric cello at our local violin store and again, the idea took form to learn to play violin just for myself. I bought a Cecilio electric version for the supposed silent part so I do not disturb neighbors. OK, the laughing can begin. My plan is to work through basics with this instrument and challenge myself, toughen up my fingers, strengthen my hands and learn to be “not so awful” before investing in a real violin.
    On the premise that anyone can learn at any age to do something that makes the heart happy, I found this site and registered. I have worries – I am missing a small part of left index finger tip so can use any pointers.
    Look forward to this….it’s been a very long time.

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    Mackenzie Alldrin

    Hi Bonnie,

    We’re so happy you’ve joined our community! I hope you find the site helpful and inspiring. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, via email (support@violintutorpro.com) or the live chat feature (blue box in the bottom right corner).

    You are spot on with your belief that anyone, at any age, can pick up a new instrument. You’ll probably like this article we wrote about that: http://violintutorpro.com/is-it-ever-too-late-to-learn/

    Best of luck with your learning!


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    Hi Bonnie, nice to meet you here on the forum. Hope you can make your dream come true. 🙂 What pieces are you working on now? And how about your index finger? Does it make it much harder to play the violin??

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