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    Richard Kovacik

    Have read several entries on experiencing neck & shoulder pain. This was part of my early on challenge, now, holding the violin in place and bowing are second nature. If I can share the very good advice & guidance I was given, perhaps it may help…

    First, proper chin rest; learned jaw type, shape of the chin and distance between shoulder & chin are key to selecting the right chin rest. The 4th chin rest purchased did the trick. My chin placement was moved from left of the tail piece to more right of center, and having a slighter longer neck, a taller chin rest by a few cm gave what feels like a custom made rest for me.

    Shoulder rests, found in the end, a basic rest is best, simply needs to fit your build. I played a lot with the height and placement of the rest on the violin back, which I learned dictates where the violin would then rest on my shoulder, working with the chin rest, to give me best violin playing position Sounds like a lot of steps but, I was amazed how once the placement & hold felt natural, with my head at a natural, comfortable position and very little effort (pressure) needed to hold and balance the violin In place, any neck pain was gone. And I began to play and bow better now more relaxed in the shoulder and neck area. As I was told, once it is all properly tied together, technique improves quickly and you can focus on learning music.

    As an under 1 year student I would certainly not offer advice, but wanted to share the guidance I was given and followed which really paid off for me Much of this guidance came from Michael Sanchez and his staff ( thank you again).

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    I totally agree with you. The correct setup is so important. I’ve been experimenting a lot with the positioning and height of my shoulder rest and it makes a huge difference to be able to play more relaxed.

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