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    Hi all,
    I wanted to share with you regarding the Kreddle chin rest which is very adjustable and ideal for people with long necks (like myself). This will help you get the relaxed posture needed to play pain-free. Enjoy!

    My review of the Kreddle chinrest by Jordan Hayes from violinist

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    Priscilla Gaskins

    I had thought about getting a Kreddle but have not decided-I have not really tried adjusting my chinkiest because I am really not sure how to do it but sometimes when i play I am uncomfortable- don’t know if it is the chin rest or shoulder rest-my teacher is always pulling my violin towards the right when I play

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    I bought a Kreddle at the suggestion of my teacher and it does help you to stabilize your violin if you have a long neck or need other adjustments. I am still messing around with mine, but do find it already more comfortable than my original chinrest. I think the Kreddle is made from a hard plastic, which makes it less attractive than my original ebony chinrest. For you people with nickle allergies, you can buy one with stainless steel posts and that was a godsend for me! If you use a paperclip as a chinrest wrench, make sure not to push it all the way to the wooden side of the violin and scratch your varnish! I got on You Tube and watched a few videos on how to change out a chinrest before I took the plunge and do not regret the extra time I took.

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