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    I’m looking for a decent portable (folding) music stand. I’d like it to be fairly sturdy to hold the music books I use, stable with a good spread in the foot, and tall enough for me – I’m six feet tall, and I’d like the base of the desk to be at least five feet (60″ or 152 cm) tall.

    What kind of a stand do you use? What do you like about it? What are its drawbacks in your opinion?

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    Priscilla Gaskins

    I have an excellent portable stand- the brand is Peak-very sturdy and I think would raise to the height you want-easy to set up and comes in a nice case-I got it on Amazon- can’t remember the price but wasn’t real expensive-I play flute in a band and in another group and sometimes when we perform somewhere other than the music institute we have to bring our own stands.those metal stands are crap

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    I also own a Peak and agree with the above that it is very stable. I was using one of those little metal fold up things that is fine for a few pieces of sheet music but I have a large binder full of music and need the stability to hold that heavy thing. My little music stand would tip over under the weight when I would try to turn pages. Got mine on Amazon too after doing much research. Very happy with it. About $34 on Amazon.

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