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    Phillip LEA

    Music Practicing Quiz
    [___] Your instrument was in tune.
    This is the only one with a solid 10 thanks to an iphone app.
    [___] You worked carefully on drills for at least two minutes.
    What should I use as a drill?
    [___] You worked specifically on rhythms.
    What is meant by this? I know my rhythm is off. Cant move fingers fast enough. Working on it.
    [___] You considered bowings and slurs.
    What are these?
    [___] You worked on a piece that is “too hard” for you, one that challenged you musically.
    Everything is a challenge.
    [___] You had an optimistic mindset, and considered what you’ll tackle in your next practice session.
    Optimistic in that I am exposing how green I am and need to know HOW I should practice. I am through video lesson 6 learning the basic fingering for notes.
    Take your score and add it up (the best score is 100, the lowest is 10). This is your practice efficiency rating.

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