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    Do you have more than one violin/fiddle? Maybe an expensive one and a cheaper model for a back up?? I only have one and really cannot see the advantage of having more than one but what are your thoughts?

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    I have a Cadoni 80 which was my first and it was fairly inexpensive ($300) and the Damiano I purchased through Michael here. Glad I have two as my Damiano is in the shop ready to be picked up after about four days. This gave me one to fall back on while it was being repaired.

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    Laura Melis

    I have 3, and I don’t deserve them. If they had legs, they probably would run away from home. I have restored my great-great uncle’s violin. I come from a modest family, so it’s not a very expensive kind, just old. I picked up a fiddle off ebay and ended up keeping it. It has a bluegrass voice. I have it in the A tuning for now. Then I have the one I play. It is nice to have the cheaper version to take to the cabin and such…they are all 60-70 years old and nothing special, I just like old.

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    A little different, but I have two-one for playing right-handed, and one for playing left. I got the left-handed one because I sometimes have physical problems bowing with my right hand. I plan on using the left-handed violin as a fiddle, and the right-handed violin for everything else.

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    I travel with my band with atleast 2 at all times. I have an Italian made Amati copy made in 1921 and my German Mistress, a 1867 Stainer clone. I primarily use the Stainer for fiddling with Helicore Strings and the Amati copy is only taken out of the case if I have a tux on lol

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    Ana Flores

    I have only one. And i wish had more than 1. Its totally okay to own more than 1

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