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    What are some of the most memorable musical experiences you’ve had?


    Danny Block
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    Playing with Ricky Skaggs and Larry Gatling


    Danny Block
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    watching and listening to pinch as Zukerman try out a Stradivarius at Jaques Francais shop and hearing Rene’ Morell tell him -listen Pinky if you raise your bow arm a little you’ll get a better sound out of this violin.


    Gayle Thompson
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    At the Union Grove Fiddler’s Convention (the small one) JP Fraley once played in my ear ONLY in a big (and I do mean big) fiddle circle – because someone in the crowd was trying to tape him – and they turned to me and whispered “hush!”
    JP Fraley appreciated that I was trying to play and learn – not just to record. I was a very new beginner!


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    I remember attending a concert with my father where they played a Wagner piece that I love to this day. Powerful triumphant music. Also remember playing in an exhibition string quartet at the high school when I was in junior high.


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    Performing Pallodio after 3 days of hard practice!


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    When I would play in the market in Papua New Guinea. They didn’t even know what a violin was, so people really crowded around just to see what in the world I was doing!


    EL Go
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    Seeing Isaac Stern play live at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara around 1983.


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    Playing in my teachers piano recital in high school. I did fine until the last note, then screwed up. That’s probably why I dread playing in public.

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