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    Does a $50,000 violin really sound that much better, or play any better than a $5,000 violin? Would I be able to hear or feel the difference?

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    Michael Sanchez

    The older wood gets, the better it will resonate/sound (violins actually appreciate with age). No brand new violins would cost above $50,000, but many violins that were made in the 1700’s can be in this price range. They say violins increase in value 1% per year because of their ability to improve in sound over time.

    So how significant of a difference in sound is a violin priced from $5,000 to $50,000? Very significant; but it can only be proven significantly by an advanced player. Gregory Maytan, who is a contributor of this website (PhD violinist and concertmaster) put together a video below playing our Tia Bruna model violin (which is a great sounding violin for the price range). It really is no comparison though when you hear it compared to a more expensive violin above $50,000 that he plays on his website.

    Our Tia Bruna Violin ($2,000 retail price)

    Nice sound for the price, but for Gregory it is not showing his true sound producing potential. Now compare Gregory playing on a very expensive instrument over $50,000 on his website.
    Listen to the expensive violin This is a recording of “The Scheherazade,” which is Gregory’s second to last recording with his violin on his website. Phenomenal sound.
    You can listen to more of Gregory’s recordings on his website.

    It is pretty significant isn’t it! Here are things that you will notice as you go up the ranks with various violins above $50,000.
    1. Very easy to play in high positions
    2. Smooth correcting sound (hard to make a bad sound)
    3. Very rich tones
    4. Clear projection

    I played a Stradivarius once (over a $3,000,000 violin), and it was almost surreal. The ability to get a clean sound was so easy in high positions and it felt like I couldn’t get a bad tone to come out even with less than perfect technique.

    As you progress up the ranks with various violin levels, you will be able to tell a significant difference compared to less expensive models. Even a beginner would be able to tell the difference between a 50K violin and a 5K violin, it just would be “a little bit better to them” and definitely wouldn’t justify the purchase. The more advanced you get, the more you will covet that sound, and want it for your own (now can you afford it!?) 🙂

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    April Ellis

    Wow. The difference is beyond amazing. The sound is so beautiful, and clean, and the emotions that it invokes in you are just wow. While I will not ever be good enough to play one of those amazing quality violins, I won’t ever get tired of listening to them and enjoying them!

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    That must have been quite the experience getting to play a Stradivarius! Wow. Thanks for posting this. The difference is so clear. I think it brings forth the point once again that the quality of the instrument is so important….it is discouraging to play on a poor quality instrument. Just realizing how much difference the quality of the instrument makes is helpful. I spent so many years beating myself up for not being able to produce a better sound – and then finally realized it just wasn’t going to happen on a $100 violin! 🙂

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    Thank you for explaing the difference. I could hear the difference between the two violins.

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    I wasn’t able to listen to the Tia Bruno. The link said “Private video sorry you don’t have permission to watch. “

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    Indeed the difference is amazing! I love the tone and expressiveness of the expensive violin. However, for the price the Tia Bruna produces a nice sound–certainly a good option for those of us who cannot afford a $50,000+ violin. Great and helpful comparison. Thank you!

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