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    karen l

    Hi, I was really nervous about posting this, which is why my hand shook pretty much throughout the whole video! This song is called ‘March Grandioso’ in ‘All for Strings’ by Gerald E. Anderson and Robert S. Frost. I’ve only been playing on and off for 2 years and I have no experience of performing in front of anyone besides my family or my tutor. The intonation was a bit off due to my sweaty hands. Can anyone give me tips on how to deliver a powerful performance? I have a solo for my NCEA level 1 assessment next year and I’m REALLY scared. For those who do not know what NCEA is, it’s a marking system in New Zealand and Australia (?) for students in Year 11, 12 and 13. I am 14 years old and I hope you enjoy! Feedback on how to improve will be very welcome!

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    Michael Sanchez

    Good job for just 2 years of experience! You are doing a lot of things really well here and although you are nervous–it doesn’t show that much! You have the right to be more confident as most students at this level wouldn’t even post a video–keep up the good work!

    Regarding some suggestions, I would first like to give you tips about your left-hand. When you play on the E string around :44 your hand totally moves to find the F natural. What you should do is setup your hand farther back so you can hit the F without having to adjust the hand. This will help your ability to play faster and more in tune. I suggest watching these videos to help you achieve better fundamentals with the left hand:

    Setting up the Left Hand
    Finger Angles Test

    Regarding your right-hand, there is a lot you are doing well. I would suggest using more bow in general especially when you are crossing strings. Try practicing scales slurring two notes per bow and try to use the entire bow from frog to tip. That is a good exercise to build better muscle memory to acheive a more powerful sound. Hope this helps!

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    karen l

    Thank you Michael! I will watch your suggested videos right away! Your encouraging words make me feel more confident and determined to practice more!

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