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    Scott Adams

    Hey folks – I noticed there was a previous topic where somebody just pointed out the existence of Magic Rosin, but hadn’t seen a discussion of its quality. I had been using Jade rosin, mainly due to seeing Michael’s recommendations of it. And because I just really like the color green. Shallow, I know, but hey – we all have our quirks. Jade is smooth and gave a nice tone. My only issue with it is how often and easily it chipped when applying to the bow. Could have been me going too close to the frog, but I had more problems with it than I have with others. Primarily, though, I just bought some Magic Rosin because I like trying new things. A lot.

    On to the Magic Rosin. I decided to give it a shot based on internet reviews alone, as well as the demonstration from Sarah (the inventor of Magic Rosin) on her website. To be completely honest, I do remember seeing it on the Superior Violins website a while back (Magic Rosin – Superior Violins) but didn’t even click the link because it looks like one of those dime-a-dozen colorful kids rosins mean to make things more fun. After seeing the reviews, though, I realized there may actually be something to it. Turns out, Sarah (again, the inventor) realized her formula was completely clear and a bit boring by itself. Being a visual artist as well as a cellist, she did something about it. Call it a marketing strategy.

    Now for the real matter – Does it work? Does it sound good? Yes and yes. A thousand times over. It’s by far the grippiest rosin I’ve used. The tone is full with a nice edge to it that I really like as a player (both violin and viola). For comparison sake, while the Jade did provide that smooth bow feel and good tone I mentioned above, I was missing the slight edge I got from the dark Pirastro Oliv rosin I used for years long ago. Also, it’s worth noting that I’ve seen much less white dust residue after longer playing sessions. The winding on my particular set of strings catches and holds the sticky residue, but not all strings are like that, and it’s fairly easy to contend with. All said, that’s a small and worthwhile price to pay for such a grippy and rich-sounding rosin!

    Let me know if there’s a quality I didn’t cover, or if you have any questions.

    Oh, and here’s the design I have. 🙂

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    Christie Morehouse

    Thanks, Scott, I will probably try it

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    Laurel Wilson

    I have seen the magic rosin and even bought some as a gift for a young student. I had never seen any reviews or comments on it. Thank you so much for posting your experience, I think I will get some and try it out soon!

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    Andrew Polishchuk

    Thanks a lot. I’m using jade rosin but might consider upgrading to magic rosin.

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    Ha! I bought the Jade rosin because I love the color green (and it had good Amazon reviews).This magic rosin looks so pretty too so I may try it next!

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    Thanks for info.

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    Scott Adams

    The Magic Rosin I’ve been using has, unfortunately, been shattered when it fell face-first onto a tile floor! I’m waiting on a new order to arrive. This time I’ve requested both the original (3G) formula that I reviewed here, as well as their “Ultra” formula, which they describe as an even grippier rosin. I’ll let you guys know how that one is too.

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