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    Raven Stovall
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    I started practicing Mattachins while attempting to adjust to changes you guys previously suggested to me. Is this better? what else would you would suggest? I would love to hear from you guys


    Carolyn Rutter
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    Raven, you sound good! Try using a little more bow. That often helps me to “feel” the music and be a bit looser. Maybe it will be helpful to you too.


    William Bickerstaff
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    Your left hand is much better. Now the right hand (bow hand) Your pinky is straight and should be curved to the top of the bow, it also looks like your thumb is straight on the bow hand, give it a curve also. That will probably make it more comfortable with using more bow.

    You’re using a metronome… good for you!

    Check out the link below.


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    Nice to see and hear your progress! I thought that you looked much more comfortable this time! I like the previous suggestions. Especially to use more of your bow and better bowing hand position. Your sound will be smoother. Keep up the good work!


    Chris Guleff
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    The most important thing to work on is using more of the bow. I give you credit for not getting caught at the tip or frog of the bow as happens with many beginners. If you take longer strokes and let your wrist bend you’ll get a really flowing tone. Actually, you are doing very well and I’m happy to see young people like you learning the violin. Keep at it!


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    Great vid! I can tell you practice and your tone is good. For pointers, it looks like your left arm is resting on your body, try to hold the violin with your shoulder and jawbone to free up your left elbow. This will help with vibrato and shifting out of first position.

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