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    So I am wondering if there is a difference between left hand position when playing fiddle vs playing the violin?

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    In short, no. You need the same position for correct fingering, good intonation, shifting, and vibrato. Seems like fiddling uses double stops more often, which also requires good hand position to be able to reach notes on different strings.

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    Tom Monica

    Have either of you heard that the bridge on a fiddle is shaped different than that of a violin? What I’ve been told is the radius on the bottom or high string side is not as round or flatter, if you will, than that of a violin. Realizing of course that they are the same instrument, I’ve heard that “fiddle” players will file this curve down to be able to play three note chords on the bottom three strings. Have either of you heard tell of this?

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    Tom Monica,
    Yes i have heard that and it makes perfect sense. I only have a chinese made violin and not much experience, but my teacher, who is very exeperienced and has played fiddle and violin for over 45 years told me that some are made like this.

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    There was a running joke in my high school orchestra class years ago: “The difference between the violin and the fiddle is that the violin is carried in a case, the fiddle is carried in a gunny sack.”

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    TheFiddlingBard: My sister says the difference between a violin and a fiddle is that you can spill beer on a fiddle.

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    Suzanne Cox

    The left hand frame should be the same position for violin and fiddle playing. In my experience, there are a lot of fiddle players that don’t like to take time for technique and good posture. If you want to be a really good fiddle player, you will want to pay attention to good posture habits and technique. You will have better sound this way and can also avoid injury that can result from bad posture habits.

    It is true, some fiddles have shaved down the bridge to a bit flatter angle. This is not necessary to play triple stops, but I can see why a fiddle player might choose to file the bridge down. Classical violinists play triple stops, and even quadruple stops all the time. The trick is a very full and confident bow stroke to bring the sound out of multiple strings.

    Suzanne from Violin Tutor Pro

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