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    Michael Sanchez

    Hi everybody,

    In this webinar, I taught the fun tune “Congress Reel”. Enjoy!

    Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have them.

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    So this is the first fiddle seminar I looked at, way above my belt weight as a total beginner but we always need inspiration. I liked the marking of accents and so forth on the score so we could see it. However, at the statrt Michael talks about finger position and holding – it would be useful to have a visual. – and forgive me if it is already somehwere and I just haven’t seen it, but partnering this score and audio lesson with another video of Michael actually playing the same tune would be helpful.

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    A thousand thanks for posting this! I’ve been playing this on the mandolin because I just couldn’t get my bow speed up to normal Irish session speeds. This is going to help a lot!

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    Michael as I am viewing the video, all that appears to me is the sheet music. Should I be seeing a video of you actually playing the music?

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    Thanks for posting this. I found it to be very helpful’

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    Thank you for this post. I like this reel and I’m working on it.

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    This one goes well with copperplate reel.

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