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    Ladbrooke Bomeke

    A few others and I admitted on a different post some pretty clumsy moments with our violin…Myself having a list. But hey I found it entertaining to read other people’s clumsy moments. Makes you not feel so alone and maybe get an idea of what not to do!

    So I’ll go first! I’ve fallen up the stairs and crushed my violin with my weight breaking the bridge and splintering a peg…I actually cried thinking I destroyed my violin.

    Another time: I was supporting the violin on my shoulder, holding the bow in one hand and arranging sheet music on my music stand (does no one else do that?) Then my shoulder rest decided to give and slid off the violin and with no hands to catch it, I somehow flung the violin over my shoulder in a feeble effort to catch it and threw it from the dining room to the kitchen….don’t know how it flew so far, but it did. Miraculously, no harm was done to the poor violin.

    Not necessarily a klutzy moment but a funny that happened once as my teacher was walking us to the classroom where the lesson was held at. We’re walking down the hall and you suddenly hear, TICK, tock, tock, tock, TICK, tock, tock, tock…. It was my metronome going off in my violin case. My violin teacher turns around with a raised brow and says: “You wouldn’t want that going off on you at an airport.”

    Okay, you’re turn! Any klutzy/funny moments with your instrument?

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    Christie Nicklay

    Glad to know I’m not the only one….

    I’m in the process of trying out a violin from Superior Violins. In the package was a “Bow-Right” guide. Because I wasn’t sure how to put it on, I decided to try first on my original violin. I placed the guide on the sides of the violin as shown in the instructions. When I tried to attach the rubber band that holds it in place, I noticed a lot of tension in the rubber band…as if it were way too small. But, I held on to the guide and continued to stretch the rubber band. All of a sudden…PING….PANG…WHOOSH! The rubber band flew across the room and the guide flew straight up, hitting the chandelier above me, causing it to swing back and forth and flicker. It startled me so much that I quickly picked up the guide and the rubber band and packed them back into the bag they came in. I didn’t touch it for 2 days. When I did pull them out again, I reviewed the instructions to see what had gone wrong. That’s when I noticed I had put the guide on the top edge of the violin, instead of the bottom. No wonder the rubber band wouldn’t fit! Operator error!

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    William Bickerstaff

    I’ve hit the whirling ceiling fan with my bow… luckily the bow wasn’t damaged and, the ceiling fan switch is in the “off” position before I even open the case.

    I’ve poked the 2nd chair violinist in the eye with my bow while rehearsing. I revised my chair position after that to make sure that my stand partner wasn’t “downrange” of my bow stroke.

    I continuously hit things on my right side when I don’t give myself enough space.

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