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    Michael Sanchez

    Hey everyone,

    In this video, you’ll get some suggestions for mixing up the focus of your practice time. It’s not good to spend all your time focusing on only one thing. Change it up! And as always, let me know what you think!

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    I always try to practice a lot but after practicing the same song for two hours and not having it perfect is frustrating. I now practice half an hour or an hour on one song and move on to another to have a different “taste” of music, just like the video suggest we do to not get overwhelmed with practicing.

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    When I had a Violin, currently don’t have one though. I always Practiced scales at the begining of the session. I then would practice one or two songs in each session. That way I wouldn’t get bored while practicing

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    I have a lot of variety in what I need to practice, but my problem is setting the time aside to actually practice. When I do, I tend to practice everything, but I think practicing different things each day will help. I know it helped when I started doing this, but then I gradually went back to what I used to do.

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    Practice a lot I’ll make you better

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    i always end up getting stuck on one thing because i cant stand to leave something not perfect. This is a good plan for diversifying.

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