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    Dianne Adkins

    I was writing about violin cases when the idea of cases with big pockets came to me and I laughed at myself a little, thinking about all the violin ‘things’ in my case pockets. So — confession time! Besides spare violin strings, shoulder rest, cleaning cloths and rosin, what’s in YOUR violin case pockets? (Or worse, floating around in the open spaces?!)

    Here’s what is in mine:

    Two fingernail clippers
    A sheet of Dr. Scholl’s Foot Corn Cushions – I put these on student bows sometimes to help finger placement
    A plush little piggie – It clips onto the bow
    A small Phillips screw driver
    A Dampit
    An egg timer – 3 minutes
    An old tailpiece
    Two tuning forks
    A dime
    Three pens
    A card from another violin teacher
    A trinket from Japan – it’s like a plastic box with a small coin in it, student gift

    What’s in YOUR pockets?

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    Chris Guleff

    At this time I have an electronic tuner — modern equivalent of the old pitch-pipe, some rosin and a shoulder pad. I generally carry a special shoulder bag or backpack with me and not surprisingly they are full of miscellaneous items besides sheet music — an emergency supply of over-the-counter pills, extra reading glasses, herbal tea bags, business cards, and my iPad.

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    Some guitar picks, rosin, a tuning peg, and some extra strings.

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    Laurie Trlak

    Right now I have a metronome, violin cleaner and polish, a couple of pencils, and a tuning fork. That’s in addition to the strings, polish cloth, rosin, etc.

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    Great question! I have 3 sets of earplugs (for playing with electric guitar and full drums) Rosin wrapped in red suede, a mini violin that plays recorded music when you touch the metal bow to the wire strings, 4 old fine tuners, a warped bridge, tuning fork, luthier business card, chin rest wrench, a 2nd Paganini rosin, and the faded sales receipt.

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    An old timer/fiddler gave me the violin im using, and it came with two film cases that had cotton balls in them and holes in the lids. Wet the cotton to keep the humidity up.

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    I have two Cajun fiddle books
    a tuner
    stacks of loose papers of music
    rosin in container
    broken case straps for the outside of the case
    a weeny teeny starfish about a quarter inch across wrapped in a paper towel from our vacation last summer!
    yes, i agree it is interesting to see what is in violinists case pockets!!

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    Dianne Adkins

    LOL I loved the description of the film canisters recycled for humidifiers!! I think they are fairly hard to come by nowadays probably.
    film canister

    Years ago, I used to fill a film canister with beans or rice and use them to teach vibrato. So when you hold the object in the palm of your hand, you can listen to the sound as you make the vibrato motion back and forth. It also encourages a nice wrist vibrato, which allows for a variety of options in speed and intensity.

    There’s another item that could replace the now difficult to attain film canister for both purposes. Prescription vials! I recently got a couple really long ones for some huge vitamin pills I had to take. Ive been trying to think of ways to recycle them.

    prescription vials

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    Some picks, the tuning peg, rosin, strings, and a metronome. I try to keep junk in a junk case.

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    seth nelson

    Just rosin, picks, a tuner, and a fountain pen (I love fountain pens)

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