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    Hey, just wanted to say thank you for the metal mute Michael (say that 3 times fast! Lol) i won a prize in one of the giveaways and Michael graciously let me change it to something i really needed, a better mute. I think it might have been worth a bit more too. He even paid shipping too.
    thanks again
    Phil W.

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    Dianne Adkins

    I wish there was a ‘like’ button in the forums, don’t you? I would certainly ‘like’ your comment. Michael is the nicest fellow you could meet. Congrats on your win!

    Here’s a link to Accessories at Superior Violins, including all the mutes they carry. Don’t forget to get the rosin, shoulder rest and cleaning supplies!

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    Yeah he sure is. It is quite effective too i had a rubber one, think its rubber anyway. But it doesn’t mute enough for me to practice when others are asleep. I do believe this metal one will do the trick. Anyone thinkin of trying a metal mute give it a shot they work. Just BE CAREFUL!! Metal mute on wood bridge, you can see the danger there I’m sure, be gentle with it.

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