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    Well, I mentioned elsewhere that I’ve been playing since I was 9, and I’m now 55. Of course, some years more active than others. I mainly stayed active on church teams, or with my own family group. Of course, I love to play just to play, it destresses me. Same with piano.
    Anyway, I’ve been playing and holding bows so long, with the thumb and first fingers in their positions, and the pinkie completely extended in its position on the end of the bow that one day I noticed my pinkie automatically began to extend outward when I was holding a cup of tea! LOL. I began to notice it more and more and realized that I had trained my pinkie to extend itself without even thinking about it!
    I wonder if this has happened to anyone else?!

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    well, i cannot say i have been playing anywhere near that long, yet i have noticed this a bit here and there, like when i am sewing! i hope i play violin that long! i am 18 and got my first violin at age 14, so we’ll see!! i also play piano, and know what you mean that it is a good way to de-stress! Ahhh…

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