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    my new violin

    not sure if the link to flicker will work.
    I hope you can see it. I though I was getting a zebra stripe one but this is way COOLER its coverd in skulls just right for a wild thing like me.

    I am Thrilled to have won this and just tickled pink.. Granddaughter says she wants one now in pink.. but first she has to learn to play her 3/4 size one before we can think about a pink electric for her. Maybe.

    Betty Graham.

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    maybe this one will work cut and paste? my new violin

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    My new Violin

    cut a pasted maybe it will work

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    Mona T

    Aww cute!!!! Looks awesome against your red shirt 🙂

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    That’s fantastic. Enjoy Betty!

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    Congrats on your new electric violin!

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    Chris Guleff

    Congratulations, BettyG! You look really great holding your new electric violin, and I can see you beaming with pride and joy. What kind of music do you intend to play on it? Wishing you well on your journey.

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    Really nice one. It suits you very much. By the way how much does it cost.

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    I am intending to use it mostly for late night practices. but hope once I learn enough to play dance music from the Playford dance book pre 1600 I might even learn to actutly play Fiddle . as much as I love listening to the classics . I love dancing to the fiddle. As for price. I had been expecting to get the Zebra Electric so I am guessing this one runs about the same price . $100 here on Superior Violin web site.

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    Congratulations!!! Very nice!! Enjoy!!

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