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    Hello Everyone,
    I was wondering if there was any good books or websites that offer guides to help learn the chords on the violin? I am new to this, I have played electric guitar and bass clarinet, but the violin is the main instrument I really want to learn to play. So that is why I asked if there is any guides on the chords and stuff to learn. Thank you everyone for being so sweet and wonderful.
    Thank you,

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    Laura Melis

    If you know the notes in the chord, it’s not too hard to figure them out on the violin. Em for example is the e-note on the D string with the B-note on the A string. You can roll the open e-string into it, depending on how you want it to sound. However, I don’t know of any books or resources…

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    Scott Adams

    Hi Tally! So glad to hear you’re interested in learning violin! The violin is primarily an instrument for single lines (melodies) instead of chords, as you stated above. In regards to resources, you’re currently on one of the best websites to use as a starting place for great guides, one-on-one support, and tutorials. Violin Tutor Pro is a hub for all of these things.

    If you need good hints at playing, start with our YouTube Channel and the Beginning series of lessons – Course for Beginners

    If you’re looking for a Method Book to walk you through the first stages, our sister site, Superior Violins, has a good selection of those. I would suggest trying out Essential Elements for Strings – Essential Elements – Superior Violins

    If you want a full selection of resources and online private instruction, you could also try a paid membership to this site, Violin Tutor Pro. Here’s a link to the info and registration page: Violin Tutor Pro Membership

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