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    Hey there 🙂 My question is possible to become a professional violin player at the age of 25?

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    Chris Guleff

    Yes, with the proper motivation, practice and drive, I believe you can become a professional violinist. I base this on a comment my violin teacher made to me before I graduated from high school. She told me that in the few short years I had played violin — I started at the end of 7th grade — I had reached a level where I could play in our city’s symphony orchestra, of which she was a member. I found it hard to believe, but she assured me that I had accomplished a lot in just four years. She knew that my career goals were not to become a classical musician, nor did she advise me to go to music school, but she wanted to show me what I had attained. I don’t believe there is any magic that would make it any easier for a 12-year-old to learn the violin than for a 25-year-old. You’re young . . . and this comes from someone who is nearly 69-years-old . . . as long as you want to excel as a professional violinist and you are willing to apply yourself and practice, you can!!!

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    Some may laugh, but it is my goal to be a professional violinist and teacher, and I am 62.

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