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    I am in a busy period of my life right now with nice weather on the ranch, baby goats, fence building projects and such so my time is limited on the fiddle. I do however manage to practice almost every day and meet three times a month with a group of people that are mostly beginners on guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass and dobro for a Slow Jam so we can all help each other learn through encouragement. I consider myself a beginner as I had only one year of fiddle lessons before my teacher passed away from leukemia. He was wonderful and I learned a LOT from him. We packed a lot of learning in that one year and I am grateful that I still have the cassette tapes of each lesson that he made for me. But since I live up in the sticks (Actually live in Fiddletown, CA) I found it hard to find anyone to match him (he is in the Bluegrass Hall of Fame and was teaching as a retirement choice). So I have been utilizing the You Tube videos and tutorials and applications that allow you to slow down music and videos to see what the person is doing (basically what my teacher would do for me to learn a song). I don’t mean to ramble but it is really nice to know that there are people out there willing to help in this undertaking of a difficult instrument. Thank you for caring and I will definitely be checking out all of the things available on Violin Tutor Pro.

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    Kevin DeSilva

    Hi there and welcome to the Forum!

    Sounds like you live an interesting life <3 ….. I am a Long Haul Truck Driver and watch a lot of life through the windshield as it zips by 😀

    Looking forward to hearing more of your Violin Journey!

    Many Blessings

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