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    Kay Chang

    If just taking and having the luthier look at it and see if there is something wrong with it doesn’t cost much, seems good to at least find out what’s wrong with it! Then you could find out the comparison of cost and the luthier could tell you how much a certain fix could improve the sound (or not).

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    I just purchased a 5 string Damiano violin from Michael about a week ago. He has a great deal. You can have the option of try before you buy. He sent me 2 violins and bows to try out for up to 30days! It only took me a few days to decide on the violin I wanted. It was so easy dealing with Michael and his company Superior Violins and Bows. He answered all my questions and helped me decide on the best violin and bow for me. I was trying to learn violin on this cheap $300 violin for about a year and decided that I wanted to keep learning how to play it and bought a much nicer violin. What a BIG difference it made!

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    Michael Sanchez

    Hope you are enjoying it David! I hope you are getting used to the action as it is slightly different on a 5-string. Sounds like you are though and it is going to be really nice to be able to play both a violin and viola with a 5-string! See you tomorrow for our group class!

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    I agree with Kay Chang about muscialmarie1’s violin…it couldn’t hurt to take it to a luthier to have it checked. It’s good to get a professional opinion. (One of my kids had a violin teacher years ago who found an old violin at a yard sale that he picked up for about $100 that turned out to be worth thousands….always wishing for those kind of finds!) If the luthier says the violin will never be what she’s looking for it would be a good indication that trying out some others might be the next step. I’m curious about the music store she works at renting thru an online site – is that typical? My music store has rentals right there…I haven’t heard of that sort of set up.

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    I too highly recommend fining a good luthier. I inherited my mother’s violin that was in our family for 2 generations before I played it. I was never really pleased with my sound, so would not be motivated to practice much. I eventually brought it in to upgrade the chin rest, tailpiece, refit the sounding post, better pegs and a good set of strings. I added to the package a very high quality bow. Without the bow, the appraised value of my instrument went from $1500 to $4000, and the sound is great. I now have the motivation to tackle my technique challenges and really enjoy my sound. In general, it’s really important to replace strings and have the bow rehaired at least once a year.

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    The store I teach at is really small and, like most music stores around here, their focus in on band instruments. They can’t afford to have an inventory of various violins so they work through a website that give the store credit if someone rents or rents to own a violin through them.

    I won’t be able to get my local luthier for a couple weeks at least but I would much rather go that route just because of the attachment I have to my violin.

    And stringdiva010 you are TOTALLY right about the practicing. I hate practicing because I always feel like it’s a struggle to make a good sound and I don’t have any motivation!

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    Michael Sanchez

    I would be cautious about repairing my antique instrument at a store that deals in universal music over specializing in strings. It really is a different animal regarding repairs in the string world compared to the band world, and I have seen many times where shops that deal in general music aren’t able to do the job that a store that specializes in strings can. Have you considered finding a string shop that would be a little farther drive or even shipping out your violin to a reputable shop? When you are dealing with an old antique violin like the one you have, you really want people that are considered experts working on your instrument. It is a night and day difference. I’m not saying it isn’t possible to find someone good at a general music store, but with my experience with seeing both types of stores, I would caution you on where you choose to go. If a shop is referring you to buy a violin at another online store instead of their own shop how much can you really trust they know about repairing violins?

    I don’t want to make it sound like you should try out one of my violins instead as that is not what I’m implying (or want anyone else here to think). I hope you are able to get yours fixed so that you can feel happy and confident about playing the violin. That is what it is all about, right! You just wouldn’t want to deal with someone that will do $100 worth of work, and it doesn’t make the difference that you are looking for. I’ve seen some luthiers around here do expert work and that is why all the symphony players bring their violins to them. You wouldn’t see a professional player around here go anywhere other than a specialized string shop (they would never set foot in a general music store to work on their “baby”).

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    The luthier that I am referring to is not, in fact, at the shop where I teach. The luthier that I have frequented in my goal to get the sound I am looking for is an hour drive from my house, without the local traffic jam. I would not recommend the shop I work at for specialized violin or “orchestra” instrument repair, though the man who runs it is proficient in adjusting bridges, replacing stings, and general basic repairs. I have done my research, and while I appreciate your concern for my violin’s well being, you can believe that I wouldn’t leave it in the hands of just any one.

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    Michael Sanchez

    Good to hear! Happy to hear you have a plan and there are certainly many good places out there. It’s all about finding a place that you can trust. Thanks so much for your post and starting a great thread! Let me know if you want to try out something in the future to compare to yours and/others you find in your local area (or from that online shop). Will be happy to send you a few!

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    I am a beginner and would prefer a less bright violin with a softer more soothing sound to play soothing pieces. I do not play at the moment so do you have any recommendations?


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